Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Washington DC! Tour Blog #2

Hello from good old Washington DC. Well tonight is the first night. It took us 14 hours to make the 10 hour drive from Atlanta to Washington. One because we got a flat tire and two because apparently everything closes in North Carolina when it snows. We finally made it at 11:30 last night. We spent the very cold day here checking out the city and seeing the MOCA DC where the show will be tonight. We are super excited. Though we didn't see Obama, we did stand outside the Whitehouse!! So, if you're in the area we hope to see you at the show tonight! If not we hope to see you at any of the other shows! Pictures of Shane in front of the monument coming soon!



Diana Evans said...

oh sorry to hear about your flat tire!!! have a wonderful time at the show!!!

steve said...

Hey guys, thanks so much! The show was very cool and hope you have better luck with the wheels. In the meantime, I posted about it at my blog here, if you're interested:

Thanks again!, Steve

Patricia said...

Wow, I got to go to the show at MOCA DC and though only three of my drawing students came we all had a blast. Everyone there just loved it!!! Having the opportunity to hold these books in our hands was such a powerful way to really connect with art!